It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every woman is in want of a scent worthy of arousing desire and seduction, yet occupying intellect and poise. Fragrance Fatale, with its alluring and distinctive signature character, captures and exemplifies the very essence of the Femme Fatale with such apparent ease and magnetism.

Set amid the delicately positioned rails of the sumptuous lingerie of every girls dream, London’s Grosvenor Street Agent Provocateur played host to the launch of the new, and highly anticipated fragrance. Oozing with seductive opulence, yet deliciously unpretentious, the whole affair was utterly charming. Greeted with a glass of champagne accompanied by an array of fragranced nibbles and deeply indulgent chocolate, crowned with edible gold, the Femme Fatale was truly in her element.

Any preconceived notions as to what the new addition to the portfolio, stretching over a decade, were quickly dispelled. With top notes of exotic blackcurrant and pink pepper, alongside succulent mango nectar the initial hit is curious and enticing. Married together with feminine touches of velvet gardenia, royal orris absolute and catching a touch of sophistication with Indonesian Patchouli. Bringing it all together is a dry, sultry musk, smooth vanilla orchid and deep, indulgent chocolate gourmand lengthens the scent, with Spanish labdanum sealing off the seduction.

Encapsulating the very essence of the woman behind Agent Provocateur, this subtly addictive scent attracts and captivates. The sophistication and intellect is beautifully married together with a sweet yet demure poise, though never quite letting slip of the side that comes out after dark.

The design is the very epitome of this floriental fragerence; ‘She is liquid desire – a potent weapon of seduction’. The angled yet luxuriously welcoming bottle, somewhat stepping away from previous designs, tantalisingly represents the multitude of different sides projected to those surrounding her. Reminiscent of the signature angled lingerie set, Agent Provocateur stays true to the seduction and allure surrounding the brand. And as if the scent alone wasn’t enough, Agent Provocateur hit us with the added enchantment that surrounds Mónica Cruz in the delectable and utterly seductive advertising.

Feature by Sarah MacMath / sarah@thirstforvision.com


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