SÝN just couldn’t resist coming back for a second fix. After Silverzone for A/W 2013/14 had us craving more, Mahrenholz’s A/W 2014/15 Game Theory collection certainly has not been a disappointment. The Berlin based designer behind the masterful creations, Nicole Mahrenholz, has set before us a playground full of overtly exuberant yet unpretentious pieces for us to play with.

A maze of geometric colour, enticing each and everyone who sets their eyes upon the collection to come in and play; Cards are on the table, universal rules of play are out the window; from this moment on there is a whole new set of commands. The creative building bricks of Game Theory emerge from clean-cut geometric shapes, brought to life by blocks of boisterous, yet wholly wearable colour, combined with an array of floral laces and tricot fabrics. Nicole has created something for every creative girl out there; the overlaying of vibrant colour, delicate lace and contrast ensures a piece for any, and every occasion. The line-up of varying shapes, constructed from the delicate assembly of geometric lines ensures the capsule is full of surprises. From toned-down two pieces to dreamy tones of yellow mixed with lace, standing beside the dress fit for queen of the playground, boldly showcasing our most loved primary colours.

Mirroring Game Theory itself, the look book for this invasion of play is utterly entrancing. The charming juxtaposition of these exuberant, vibrant pieces against the calm painted pages of the backdrop contrast with such apparent ease, asserting the crucial influence Mahrenholz holds with art history. The whole collection is alive, the geometric cut and colour complimented by careful overlaying are the catalysts in igniting the soul in all of us, its time to play.

Feature by Sarah MacMath / sarah@thirstforvision.com


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