90’s nostalgia, prints, dinosaurs and a lot of colour; what’s not to love? We managed to grab some time with Phiney Pet and entered into her florescent world.

Photography: Bethany Grace
Styling: Zoe Wiszniewska
Featuring Fara @ Established Models

Your designs are bright, bold and superbly eye-catching! We all had that early teen, fail-safe ensemble that we thought catwalk worthy; can you remember the first outfit you put together as a kid that you were particularly proud of?

I had a pair of leggings with a teddy bear print on I loved and I then got hold of a sweatshirt with a bear on which I thought looked great with the leggings. It was a double bear extravaganza!

We love the name Phiney Pet, how did you come up with it? Do you have any weird and wonderful nicknames you’ve been dubbed with over the years hiding up your sleeve?

Well my full name is Josephine Pettman, everyone calls me Phiney for short, and I am saving Pettman for when I open an animal shelter called The Pett Man (cheesy I know). So I just shortened it to Pet. My mum calls me WeeWee I am not sure where it comes from but she has called me it since I was a baby. It's not a particularly wonderful one though, and was very embarrassing when shouted across the playground.

How did you first get into Fashion Design, was there a defining moment or had you always had your heart set on this degree?

I knew I wanted to do something with my illustrations but I wasn't sure what. It was when I put them together with the lack of interesting clothes I owned I thought, I could make clothing that is really fun. I guess I had always been into Fashion Design as I drew, painted and stitched over all my clothes from a young age, I just didn't realise it.

Your designs centre on a flamboyant mix of graphic art collage,contemporary culture and a definite flashback to the 90’s, where do you take your inspirations from and do your designs reflect your own personal style?

My inspirations come mainly from my own experiences or the things in life we all go through. It is important to me that people can to relate to my clothes. I think my clothes do reflect my own style, I wear a lot of colour and like my personal clothes to be eclectic – both of which I would say my collections are.

Colour plays a massive role in your work; if you could only use one colour for the rest of your designer days what one would you pick?

This is a tough one! Probably an apple green. It's a positive colour and always looks fresh.

Having already worked with Topshop, huge street cred, who would you really love to collaborate with in the future and why?

I would love to collaborate with a sports brand like Reebok, something really different to what I do. My biggest dream, however is to collaborate with Mattel and Barbie, I can think of nothing better than creating a crazy wardrobe for the girl with the biggest closet in the world.

What does the future hold for you? What direction would you like to see your work go in the next couple of years?

Hopefully, the collections will be bigger and better. I am working on more experimental techniques for SS15 and taking Phiney Pet to a slightly different realm. I would love to take Phiney Pet to more countries!

Describe your design aesthetic in just three words?

Colourful, Eclectic, Silly.

Print is fundamental to your vibrant, offbeat pieces, and animals play a huge role in creating your unique look. If animals didn’t exist what do you think you would print instead?

Probably the funny objects Grandma's collect. They fascinate me as much as animals do.

Interview by Sarah MacMath / sarah@thirstforvision.com



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