We are very excited to introduce the illustrations of both illustrator and Make Up Artist; Leah Roseanne. Always in pursuit of illustration, Leah is ready to quite simply ‘let the cat out of the bag.’ Leah explains to us how her two practices differ and yet fuel each other equally, especially as working with line, colour and texture are incorporated into both. Illustration provides Leah with a greater perspective concerning design for Make-up. The Make-up industry presents greater subject matter in relation to inspiring proportions, models and exciting clothing designs.

Drawing is an important form of communication for Leah, who never had any formal ‘Art School’ training besides her education in Make Up Artistry. She never felt as though ‘Art School,’ in the traditional sense, was right for her and didn’t want to interrupt the existing style Leah already had developed naturally. Although, she always managed to find her way into the back of Art and Illustration practical lessons during her time studying Theatre Make-up back in coastal Swansea until realising Editorial Make-up at London College of Fashion was the next step in leaving the ‘small pond and getting into a much bigger one.’ Her environment is equally important as her topic of study, and felt that such a school as LCF would cater to many interests in other areas. Leah is not one for conventional directness, with the firm belief that a person’s talent/purpose will emerge eventually no matter which choices or paths one takes. By trusting intuition, dabbling in other departments, and not hiding her interests from others meant that it became easier to sit in on other lectures and for tutors to become open to her experimentation and take her seriously, enabling a wider education in both Make up Artistry and Illustration.

To no avail can we recognise the obvious inspiration behind Leah’s style, through her adoration of Fashion illustrators David Downton and Tony Glenville, encompassing artistically swept lines of varying tone, delicacy and elimination of detail to create fluidity and apparent spontaneity. Even as a child, line work took precedence in Leah’s creative vision through the works of the Chronicle of Narnia Illustrations by Pauline Baynes and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustration by Sir John Tenniel.

Make Up Artistry has offered many valuable experiences that have aided progression in illustration, as well as providing commission opportunities and further contacts. Networking with people in the fashion and music industries for the past seven years have proven invaluable; with further experiences including working at Fashion week, editorials for ELLE and assisting on Vogue; which illustration may not have exposed Leah to as rapidly. Current contacts have proved incredibly supportive and useful in securing commissions, for example; Leah has tackled commissions with stylists she had met through Make up Artistry, on their personal blogs and websites, through existing contacts; subsequently put forward recommendations to larger clients.

‘You never really know how much something has helped until you can look back on it, I’m sure it’s helping more than I can appreciate. Also, I’ve had the opinions of my creative piers cast upon my Illustration work in a very encouraging way throughout my Make-up career which inspires me to create more. It’s an energising imaginative environment.’

‘One thing every creative will never forget is the people that believe in you along the way but the first thing to remember and keep remembering is to believe in yourself first.’ Looking back on her experiences, and most memorable shoots, photographer Lara Jade would be top of the list. Frantic but buzz worthy experiences at Fashion week also prove difficult to forget, often presenting surprising and miraculous situations that surprise oneself with the efficiency of team work and injecting the much needed confidence boost and sense of self accomplishment that every creative craves. One would think that eighteen minutes in which to prepare ten girls between an MUA, assistants and hair stylists would be near impossible, but it would magically all work out perfectly in the end, such as it was on a Stephen Jones’ Millinery presentation show; which Leah was key Make Up Artist on.

We tried to find out about some of Leah’s future plans but this dark horse is savouring her pipeline ideas for now. With a great interest in product development in Make-up, Leah has been keen to research and understand the marketing and business aspects of her creative career in relation to where her passion lies. We can’t wait to see what Leah has in store for us in regard to the progression of her illustration and business venturing within Make Up Artistry.

Keep up with Leah’s ventures at www.leahroseanne.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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