Photography: Bethany Grace
Styling, hair & make-up: Amber Scarlett
Featuring Amelia @ Established Models

Tell us a little about LU LA LOOPS origins?

LU LA LOOP originally started as a Knitwear label. It was always about being youthful, energetic, excited, silly and dark. I wanted to have clothing that could be performed in and you could simply have fun with. Music and strong characters are always at the forefront. I started LU LA LOOP as a part time thing with other Fashion related jobs too. But in Jan 2014, relaunched into a proper brand conscious of developing an entire collection of LOOPY things. LU LA LOOP is all about changing ideas, exploring. Always with a backdrop of musical and youth culture influence. LU LA LOOP really happened because there was an excited and inquisitive feeling I needed to get out and to break free from the constraints of the everyday corporate Fashion world. Art, music, Fashion...it's all together here as one. I wanted to create something with freedom and fun.

The collection encompasses a juxtaposition of both 'playfulness' and 'edginess.' What drew you to this aesthetic?

Originally starting out as a Knitwear Designer along with my deep love for music - layers and textures have always fascinated me! I have such a love for contrasts too. Magic and darkness, playful and creepy. Yarns and materials with a strong character really draw us in. It's not really a deep thing. It's just about pure excitement and an energy.

It looks like your collection could easily be dressed down or dressed up, would you say that this creates a wider audience from age to size as well as catering to the adventurous and the more timid in regard to fashion statements?

I hope that LU LA LOOP can be worn by many. We are always young and a little silly. We have an ever changing spirit. Many feel we are very Japanese and totally youthful. If you have an adventurous heart, are timid or strong we welcome all characters of all sizes and all ages. It's just all about how you feel, being bold and feeling free with in an attitude that makes you who you are.

Having artists such as Grimes and Bjork wearing 'Lu La Loop' must feel extraordinary. Have you created exclusive pieces for such artists, if so how do you go about doing so to adhere to their preferences?

I was chatting to a mate in New York on FB just as I had made a phosphorous yellow monster eyelash knitwear for the 1st ever LU LA LOOP collection in 2012 and we were chatting about Grimes and he said "I bet she'd love that" So I sent her PR an e-mail and an hour or 2 later, Grimes was in love. She wore it with great spirit and totally had her own attitude that makes LU LA LOOP come alive! Bjork bought a dress I made for store and label called Aftur in Reykjavik. I made a mini dark collection with volcanic and dark feeling to suit the surrounding. After that Bjork's biophilia project director e-mailed to say that Bjork wanted another dress made in Biophilia colours. She gave me a rough colour palette and left the rest to me. We agreed on a budget. It was straight forward :) Growing up listening to Bjork and always influenced by her and her strong and emotional character, she has been a constant favourite artist of mine. So yeah, it's wonderful to have made something for her. I am still waiting to see the dresses on her. Hopefully one day! I would love to create something for Yukimi from Little Dragon and Alsion Goldfrapp would be cool too. I am still waiting for my musical muse who I could continually create one off and fun pieces for . It's a big dream of mine :)

Any ideas for future collections?

We are looking into UNISEX and Menswear ideas. Would love to do something for a Dance company too. Modern ballet or a street gang :) Also SHOES/ Trainers would be super fun!!! We'd love to mix more HIGH tech with NATURAL. Nature and Techno are equally important!

Tell us about your 2014 fashion label launch. What should we be looking out for in the near future from 'Lu La Loop'?

I feel like breaking out in Japan and Korea is the next big step, Lu La Loop definitely has an underlying market there! Look out for some fun collaborations too, we'd love to do some more music related collabs. Possibly videos and a fashion show or two. But really, who knows where we will go? The journey just has to be fun and exciting.

Words to describe 'Lu La Loop's' aesthetic?

Playful, Curious, darkly magical, youthful, free, creative, strong, bold, techno disco dancer and always FUN!

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Interview by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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