Peter Evans masterfully manipulates and deconstructs in order to create, giving us a fresh, new world of vision to feast our eyes upon. The collage and mixed media artist, who also doubles up as a songwriter, from London merges together a surreal blend of material and images, leaving us with a contemporary, yet blissfully, honest collective of images.

‘I really love the idea of re-using old posters and other materials to make something new, and breath new life into old photos and nondescript pages of magazines’, and for that, we are grateful! We absolutely love the haphazard yet intricately precise way in which Evans creates optical wonder. A map of shapes, directions and tones; each new discovery leading to a fresh story and a different discovery. The raw beauty in this work is the way in which the old, the ripped and the darn right bazar are beautifully married together; the splendour is found in the delightful manor in which each opposing feature compliments the next, bringing to life a story.

‘I think my main inspiration is to always try and create something beautiful, whether it's an ugly subject or if I want to get a message across, the colours and composition are really what I always come back to’.

There is a definite sense of liberation projected through the curious yet determined pieces. Evans creatively captures living narratives. The layering and constant change in mood, colour and subject evoke a certain surrealism, which only serves to heighten the dynamic and exuberant awareness, which is so consciously yet delicately complimented by a certain central image.

‘When I start a piece I'll often have a subject in mind that I want to tackle, and most of the time a colour pallet to try and work from. More often than not the finished piece ends up looking completely different to how I imagined, which is actually the most enjoyable part, coming up with something completely different along the way. I've always drawn with pencil and have recently got more into painting but what really got me hooked on collage was the Hannah Hoch exhibition at The Whitechappell gallery - it blew me away, it was like opening Pandora's box. The possibilities are endless with collage, and I loved how weird and surreal you could get’.

We simply cannot tear our eyes away from the intricate, bold and electric collages set before us. They almost appear alive and tangible, yet the constant sense of a story captured in time ensures us they won’t be going anywhere quickly, thankfully!

See more of Peters work at www.peterevansart.co.uk

Feature by Sarah MacMath / sarah@thirstforvision.com


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