We are already keen to be inked by multi faceted illustrator Frances Segismundo. Frances is a Philipino artist who has grown up in Hong Kong and studies in London, flitting between both cities leaving a trail of ink within the environments she wonders, and the skin of people she encounters. Having been exposed to an array of cultures as a child; able to take advantage of her mother’s career as a flight attendant; Frances enjoys fusing many cultural aesthetics and embracing the influences of her surroundings and heritage all the while on the search for alternative aesthetic. Years of artistic bombardment from around the globe confused a focal point for a creative outlet until Frances found illustration to use as a platform for habitual experimentation. A pusher of boundaries, Frances blends her expertise with uninhabited territories of techniques although she doesn’t feel shameful of admitting her love for basic pen and paper in regards to medium. Relief printing is also a favourite technique of hers. The simplicity of the well known saying ‘you never know until you’ve tried’ is always at the back of France’s mind, further manifesting fresh excitement for this curious mind.

We learnt about Frances’ recent involvement with Hong Kong brand Goods Of Desire, which celebrates traditional Chinese heritage and culture with a modern twist where ‘east meets west,’ transforming mundane objects through alternative design. A shop front mural, produced by Frances herself came about after she pitched the idea for a collection based on Hong Kong’s iconic wet markets in celebration of Asian Food and Culture. Initially the drawings were to be Lino print before CEO Douglas Young discovered Frances’ sketches. She has always been a follower of Douglas’ work, who had a shop in her local area when she was a child, and she has always been drawn to the aesthetics of Chinese modern craftsmanship with the belief of preserving tradition but also pushing forward modernisation. The mural became a five day event, where Frances was painting in the store for nine hours, a scene for new customers to experience and become introduced to G.O.D’s products in addition to the opportunity to take photos in the ‘photo op’ space within the two outer panels, initiating publicity across the social media.

This wide fusion of illustration with the everyday is common thread throughout Frances’ work spanning such projects as ‘Tattaw,’ ‘Paperlife’ and ‘She,’ covering publications, ceramics, tattoo, sustainability and storytelling. Following on from Frances’ view on amalgamating tradition with modernity, ‘Tattaw’ takes on the preservation of indigenous culture of tribes that are exinct or threatened by the possibility of extinction and embracing influences of the western ‘new world.’

Whereas ‘Paperlife’ is far from the indigenous and jumps to the west, exploring sustainabitily and multipurpose in everyday life. The ‘Paperlife’ publication is able to open into a bunting ‘to express and celebrate paper, due to the rapid growth and evolution of technology… allowing the audience to appreciate a small aspect of our human lives and the effects of waste to the environment.

Out of her comfort zone, Frances' embarked on 'She;' the illustration of short story 'Five signs of disturbance' by Lydia Davis a captivating and relatable story that follows the everyday life of a girl who seems to battle anxious or depressive tendencies. Her world and identity remains ambiguous. Instead of focusing on illustrating the unknown girl, Frances expanded on her surroundings to create the personality, fusing various materials and techniques which resulted in a 'comic strip meets Picasso cubism' with uncomfortably unfinished and awkward drawings which favoured the atmosphere of the story.

Frances aims to fuse her illustrative mediums and techniques with tattoos as she feels there has been a major shift with tattoos enabling her to bring something innovative to the scene with help from her illustrative background. As well as being a tattoo artist she would love to illustrate for anything from cd covers, books, posters, films, magazines etc. All in all we share Frances' vision in seeing her drawings printed around the world. We will always be on the lookout for a Frances Segismundo print whether on objects or people!

Find more of Frances' work at www.fksegismundo.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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