Graduate designer Aimee Paget is the mastermind behind the flamboyant and nostalgic ‘Never Monday’. It seems there is never a dull day attached to this collective of dynamic and playful designs. We managed to grab some time with Aimee and find out what fuels her imagination.

Photography: Bethany Grace
Make-up: Siobhan Drew
Featuring: Naomi @ Established Models

We love your offbeat and free-spirited designs, what do you draw most of your inspirations from?

I like to collect things, trims, fabrics, anything that, in that moment, I really like. Then I play about with them until a design starts to form. I collect images too and stick them on my wall alongside my ever growing collection. I also get my inspiration from other designers, Henry Holland, Ashish and Walter Van Beirendock are a few of my favourites. They all manage to convey a sense of humour in their work which I think is so important when designing.

There is almost a dreamy teenage nostalgia floating around your collective, did you have a particular style when you were young that has filtered through into your designs?

No, I didn't have a particular style when I was young. All my clothes were 'hand-me-downs' and I didn't know how to dress growing up. When I design I focus more on things I like than what might be wearable. A lot of my designs start as doodles, so that could be where that feeling has come from. I always wished I had more confidence when dressing and I design for someone with no limitations on what they would wear.

Tell us about the name, ‘Never Monday’?

'NEVER MONDAY' came from the idea of living each day to the fullest. There's such a bad stigma about Mondays and living only for the weekend. It makes sense to try do something you love and enjoy every day.

Now that you’ve graduated, what can you see laying ahead for you in the future?

I would like to reach a larger audience with my brand, but hope that each item still has that hand-crafted, special feel to it. I'd also love to work abroad for a while and learn from other designers both on the business front as well as the creative.

Describe your design aesthetic in just three words?


If you could dress anyone for the day in your designs who would it be?

The singer Liz from the group HOLYCHILD has expressed an interest in wearing my designs, she stumbled across my instagram. It's really amazing how easy to get in touch with people now through social media, she has a really unique style and would look great in my clothing.

Interview by Sarah MacMath / sarah@thirstforvision.com


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