S/S: 2501

It all began with ‘Never’ in the launch of a literary journey, ‘Robot inc.’ followed thereafter during an initial transformation; until a resounding decision to manoeuvre artistic direction arrived at the present ‘2501’, thus signifying artistic rebirth as well being the artists birth date. It is only till much later, that 2501 discovered it also shared the foundation date of São Paulo, Brazil, the capital which has become his second home, and activated 2501’s career with the first solo show. 2501 has become recognised for his monochromatic line work. The aesthetic manifested from the elimination of colour from linear and dotted motifs that existed in the early works 2008- 2010, hence enhancing the line in representing the endless shift of perception [in addition to avoiding the impracticalities of carrying numerous sprays when venturing out to paint in abandoned factories!] the artist instils the notion that our surroundings are forever changing and ‘never the same twice,’ and provides his observers with the opportunity of interpretation as opposed to dictation of meaning.

Although complex to categorise the work of 2501, one could begin to define his work as a blend of painting, installation and street art. His canvas can be any surface or material; an object, an exterior or interior of a building. In relation to the current global art scene, the boundaries of ‘painting’ have been stretched and continue to leak into all areas of the arts, crossing over with many disciplines. 2501 is one of many artists pushing this practise and reconstructing it as an everyday creative experience rather than ‘one of heroic myth.’ The street has become the stage. It varies in size and is shaped by the elements and the spontaneity of daily activity. Either inhabited or abandoned, there are always additional stimuli whether it be locals or fire extinguishers. The murals become site specific which are informed by their surroundings and shaped by rudiments of the existing façade. Despite the temporary nature of the art, the artistic process is continued through the people who had experienced these murals. Their exaggerated reminiscing progresses the past physicality of the work into much larger entities of impact and disarray, and ultimately configures a collective experience through site specificity. Such a preoccupation stems from a personal attachment to 2501’s own city. Such memories will span across London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Montreal, Mongolia and Catanzaro to name but a few.

‘The Nomadic Experiments’, an ongoing experimental project, conceptualises the evolution of time and space through days lived and places encountered. Space/setting provides materials to be explored and developed, and time is the transforming agent of the prior. By means of a nomadic lifestyle and experimentation, the act of research, documentation and experience amass to diverse formations of reality, communicating the requisition of time in place of space exploration in addition to a sense of displacement. Landscapes, in all forms, become an escape from enclosed spaces, dispelling the artist to fortuitous situations and creative stimuli.

‘The creative intent of the intervention, be it painting, sculpture, installation, print, responds to the need to break away from reality to approach another reality…By creating multiple temporalities I trace the processes that take on a meaning not so much in relation to a possible audience but in the fact of having been conceived and, along the way, realised.’

‘Struggle is motivation;’ in the words of 2501; a detrimental motto in exuding such impressive interventions across the globe.

Explore 2501’s nomadic encounters at www.2501.org.uk

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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