Noa Raviv’s most recent collection has taken the globe by storm, appearing in Vogue Italy in collaboration with HTC, BBC news and Vice to name a few. The publicity has been tremendous, in response to Noa’s biggest leap in experimentation and innovation with 3D printing, taking the fashion designer by surprise. Timing is everything. Noa modestly believes she ‘had a lot of luck to have the right collection at the right time… catching something of the current zeitgeist.’ The versatile technology ‘expands the boundaries of imagination,’ and Noa has only just taken the first step in experimenting with 3D printing and exploration of the digital world in fashion. This collection, ‘Hard Copy,’ plays with perception through an optical illusion of 2D and 3D processes. It encompasses the convolution of the digital realm and conflicts order with disarray, the modern with tradition, and ultimately constructs a statement on authenticity and reproduction.

The designer is fascinated by construction, logic and geometry. Each collection holds a narrative and explores the past with the present and explores the tension between harmony and discord. The novelty and beauty of Noa’s craftsmanship does not fail to hold a rapport with its audience using fashion as a form of communication. Noa’s sources spread vast from ethnic tribes in the Middle East, art work from Anish Kapoor, passed down family stories and personal deliberations. The designer’s unique perspective leads her to crafting unforeseen connections between sources of conflicting context such as the individuality of 80s popstar Grace Jones and the austerity of the Israeli air force. It is difficult to choose a favourite collection as they are all diverse in style and execution. ‘Bridal Nightgown’ is beyond a dream, feminine delicacy embodied whereas the strength and power of ‘Big Red Gown’ in all its simplicity is equally striking. As a viewer one is spoilt with visual variety. There is no doubt in the potential for this designer.

Having grown up in one of Israel’s culturally diverse cities, Tel Aviv, and having an impressive linguistic talent, one could be led to believe that such multicultural sensitivity could feed Noa’s alternative insight. Noa’s intuitive nature has led to multiple internships providing extensive background knowledge of the fashion industry. It has further supported her innovative perspective and discipline in working long hours and determination, ministering self development, exploration in design processes and work ethic.

We have the utmost adoration for Noa’s website. Not only do we get to pour over her beautiful garments, we are also allowed glimpses into her thought and development process through incredibly fashion illustrations, collage and GIFS. Her development becomes artwork in its own right in illustrating her creative journey, one becomes flattered to be entrusted with the importance of the ingredients of her spellbinding projects, still further communicating the origins of the designs and enhancing the narrative quality albeit the collections alone communicating strongly enough unaided. The appreciation of the countless talents of this woman, as a designer, an artist, and a storyteller is endless and we look forward to what else Noa Raviv can surprise us with.

Find more Noa at www.noaraviv.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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