Kimatica, born in London 2012, hypnotically unite the body and technology via spectacles of breathtaking costume, lighting, sound and performance. It is through the discovery of projection mapping that Kimatica moved into the spectrum of performance arts, with the means of creating multimedia shows. The core team, having coming from the design and arts sectors, exemplify a relish for body and medium investigation through fashion and sculpture in addition to an all round aptitude for the body/technology liaison. With each piece, the concept of time and life’s physicality’s cease to exist. The body is always present, but never viewed in the same way. Its energy disperses into visual manifestation; alive, thriving and strikingly volatile. The transcendental union of all three elements; costume, projection mapping and sound; are each rich in complexity and yet merge effortlessly, one does not overpower another and they respectively take on the journey of transformation as a whole.

Their performances recreate altered states of consciousness and explore the manipulation of the perception. By means of visual spectacle, the consciousness is guided towards an alternative state free from inhibiting psychological constrains. Kimatica’s performances are ritualistic in nature, and take on tribal/asian/butoh aesthetics, particularly select sacred rituals and figures from South America and India which have been both experienced first-hand and/or researched by Kimatica’s members. A mixture of ancient ritual and contemporary medium is believed to be entirely relevant in current western society where there is less of a focus on the connection with the spirit world and self healing and evolution through altered states. With the combination of the ancient and contemporary, Kimatica offers the possibility to connect with such ideas within a modern setting allowing trance to be guided by visuals, body movement and music in a language western society can connect with. Audiences become mesmerised and hypnotised by Kimatica’s shared experiences and captured in trance and cathartic revelation.

A vast amount of time is spent in weaving conceptual interests to studio experiments, even prior to the production process. Research, reading and the following of inspiring artists fuel a basis for constructing a conceptual narrative thus followed by the finalisation of appropriate technological and craft resources to communicate the end product. Rehearsal time is where the exchanging of ideas forges Kimatica’s true collaborative unity.

Often Kimatica create images and concepts by commission for specific projects and clients such as private events for established companies like Nissan. Nevertheless, Kimatica looks to develop longer narratives and concepts on a larger scale, expanding from their current focus on intimate audiences, and embarking on further international projects to expand their network and push collaborations with new artists and companies worldwide. Since winning their first award by Smirnoff and performing to well receiving high end arts crowd, Kimatica have gone onto excelling at the Kinetica Art Fair and winning the winter Pride Arts Award. Exciting proposals lay in wait for large summer festivals as well as a secured upcoming project with the Barbican centre and reputable artists.

We are in undeniable anticipation of witnessing these techno-magicians first hand. Kimatica is a sensory addiction to be revelled in. http://kimatica.net/

Images 1 & 2 by Stefy Pocket, and 3 & 4 by Tetsuji Fujiwara

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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