Experimental artists in their own right and captivated by the surreal and peculiar, music artist Kría and fashion photographer Gróa Sig, hold the ability to spin mistakes into gold. Despite attending the same Icelandic college in Reykjavík, artists kria and Gróa Sigurðardóttir only truly crossed paths in London as a result of social media, which has propagated exciting collaborative endeavours between the two.

‘Misty’, a fashion film, creates a temporary escape of environment and toys with possibility. It provides an insight of future collaborations between the creatives and surpasses its initial purpose as a mere test film. Treading the tight rope between garish and minimalist is a reoccurrence that Gróa does not fail to achieve. Vibrant fushia and yellow lights fight against the purity of cream laced garments, accompanied by glittered meringues and a bouquet of white flowers that refocus the gaze to parts of the female body. The body becomes distorted, double exposure tricks the eye, and the real transforms to the unreal. The artistic vision, as Gróa explains, was automatic. Ulterior inspirations of daily occurrence, ideals and fantasy come into play and concepts manifest themselves. A bitter sweet, feminine film of shady quirk founded Kria’s accompanying piece, naturally undertaken by her grappling of feminism, heartbreak and vulnerability, the supernatural and even the Hidden People from Icelandic folktales. The electronic quality and scattered pulse translates the visual stutters of the on screen model. The experience overall is hypnotic. Kria, for our ears, creates a siren’s song, of temptation, serenity but also power.

The filming of Kria’s music video is already in progress and we know that an Icelandic swimming pool is the main if not sole location. Regardless of hailing from the same island, it was decided by the duo not to prioritise their Icelandic identity in the upcoming work. As Kria explains, it could have been shot in any swimming pool, it just so happens that they were both in Iceland at the time. The importance of veering away from national or social identity allows a creative identity instead to arise; an identity supported by Gróa’s visual translations. We are to wait for a film of omnipotent dream in where one becomes trapped by circumstance, hindering the reveal of the self. Not only is there to be a film but a creative film and photo shoot as well, each telling their own narrative with a similar escapist motif.

In aid of the eyes; www.groasig.com
In aid of the ears; www.kr1amusic.tumblr.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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