Ryan Tippery jumps from realms of graphic design and fine art, in maintaining control over moments of bursting expression and periods of cleaner aesthetic. He acknowledges the shifting between the design and fine art thought processes with a goal of unifying the two. Design becomes metaphorical of the analytical, organised state of mind whereas fine art describes emotional release, two approaches that stem from the same place but are executed differently. Commencing illustration at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Ryan soon embarked onto a design path. Drawn to the concept of creating for a purpose, Ryan found it appropriate to organise thoughts mentally but also visually for viewers, prompting alternative expression. It is insanely refreshing to come across both an artist and designer so well equipped with different artistic techniques. An awareness of the scope of medium and technical approach contributes to rediscovering new uses and new directions of previously used mediums. Ink drawing and abstract painting is at the core of Ryan’s work, assisted by a keen aptitude for further exploration of materials.

Abstraction and the esoteric, act as stimuli for many projects, in addition to sociological and psychological concepts. They enforce the description of thought or feeling instead of a scenic narrative, more specifically rooted in the mind. An intuitive approach becomes preferable in Ryan’s process, supported by sketchbooks that act as freeing agents in exploring more personal ideas and realising the repetition of certain motifs such as moons, doors and faces. It caters to more a subconscious practise and avoids a robotic attitude in creating. A true busy body, every day brings new creations, with multiple projects on the go making tunnel vision avoidable. The artist’s portfolio speaks for itself in its diversity and thirst for creating whether in the form of design, drawing or painting. Each piece is a step closer in self understanding, in deciphering parts of the artist’s mind, ultimately exploring the concept of the fragmented individual.

‘I think that conveying who you are through your work is very key, maybe even the most important thing. You have to understand that everything you make is a self portrait. There are many faces to every person. I don't feel like people can be calm and composed all of the time, you have to let loose occasionally. I would say that the paintings I'm doing lately are attempting to use my analytical mind to compose and control my intuitive expressive mind. I have been exploring them separately for too long. They need to meet and work together.’

A huge supporter of collaborations, it would be unlikely to hear of Ryan turning down a creative opportunity particularly great multifaceted projects. At present, t shirt design for Infinity Life is providing opportunities in turning Ryan’s more melancholy vibes on its head. Infinity Life (www.infinitylife.us) is opening up further long term connections and opportunities for working with like minded creatives such as head artist Nathan Giordano of which the outcome sounds truly exciting.

We highly recommend investigating further at www.ryantippery.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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