Portraits of poised splendour and eminence are no longer reserved for royals and society’s upper cluster. Move aside aristocracy; it is our turn now. ‘Under the Influence’ is a fresh and reflective collection of works by German born, Spanish raised, mixed media and collage artist Maike Lüdenbach. An intrinsic need to work with her hands alongside the habitual collecting of magazines, whilst working as a model, lead to the discovery of her creative yet thought-out flair.

“I originally got into collage and mixed media because I feel it represents our current copy and paste modern society. All my work is hand-made, which in-turn presents a juxtaposition to the primary concept.” This deliberate and tangible answer to society’s one-track mind stems from the need to distance ourselves from the digital world and reconnect with the inner child. “My generation has grown in an overflow of images, this rush of information has formed our consciousness and left my imagination out of training, it created a void. A void that I was yearning to fill with meaning.”

Under the Influence is a fusion of spirited and contemporary composure; and under the influence we certainly are. The perfect concoction of vigorous poise, and dynamic tones bring this collective into the conscious mind and instantly captures even the most digitally processed of minds. There is a sense of palpable alertness portrayed. Visions of eloquently manipulated faces, romanticised art and a sense of vigorous, almost ancient, power. This intricate combination is placed together with transparent accuracy to create pieces wholly worthy of more than a second glance.

“Understanding that the human is multidimensional and investigating it´s complexity, I started to scrap, cut, copy and paste my imagination and sense into this collective of superficial portraits whilst finding meaning and a personal story in each of them.”

This collective is an exploration and conceptualisation of future visions held in modern society. The constant, continuous evolution and cultural hybridisation is masterfully depicted in a bold yet incredibly enticing manner. The diversity created by our constant exposure to such a vast array of identities comes through as a key viewpoint. The captivating and valiant visuals within this collective have found a potent yet subtly peaceful way in which to expose an understanding of such a diverse society. Layering and fusing together an assemblage of contrasting identities and structures allows us a moment of clarity in order to decipher the labyrinth modern society places before us.

“The title "Under the influence- letting go of Saturn" was born out of a connection I felt strongly at the time with the stars. Saturn transits and cycles can be considered cycles of achievement and maturity. When Saturn forms a hard aspect to a personal point in our chart, we might feel that everything is slowed down- we encounter delays, frustrations, and pressures. But these times also challenge us to face reality, thereby opening ourselves up to increased wisdom and the freedom that comes with living in truth.”

Discover more on her website and instagram: www.maikeluedenbach.com and @maikesdiary

Feature by Sarah MacMath / sarah@thirstforvision.com


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