Jonathon Vico, collage artist, is the picture magpie of Tumblr, scoping the web for treasures especially those that are fashion, architecture and design orientated. Vico stamps his identity by creating surrealist works with intention. His collection finds beauty in the abnormal and taste in the distasteful consequently inciting the question of what viewers find aesthetically pleasing and from where ‘the ideal’ originates. How do we categorise or pair visual elements? What are the connections that we make, subconsciously, between objects? Vico reminds us of the ease in which we can familiarise or desensitise, humanise or objectify the images we encounter on a daily basis, based upon how they are presented. His hybrid visuals, almost futuristic in their unlimited possibilities, maintain the balance between brash and clean cut, and, we think, demonstrates an accurate comment on our current up-cycling culture where artists are exploring new ways of repurposing and refining what has already been done.

The artist finds collage to offer freedom of expression, assembling images of personal value that can be viewed in a way that is unique to the artist, something that photography, another passion of Vico’s, may not offer as easily. Some pieces are semi-autobiographical and become logs of emotional state, taking precedence over choice of content. He creates snippets of ‘a parallel reality that no one stops to observes.’ With each new work, another window is thrust upon the surrealist reality of Jonathan Vico.

The importance of continuously collecting and filing findings away keeps ideas fresh in the artists mind and triggers analysis of images passed daily. Compositions of found sources are purposefully contradictory hereby eliminating their previous differences and placing them within the same sphere of meaning and importance. Such items are released from their comfort zones and placed on platforms of re-evaluation, where new meanings are manifested from the old. Amalgamated references of fashion models and classic statues draw a parallel between the contemporary and the classic, producing more humanising and ironic perspectives of former idealistic figures. Images also become non gender or genre specific, exploring the androgynous and building on pre-existing relationships between architecture, nature, sculpture within fashion.

Of late, a structural/sculptural similarity between architecture and fashion is of primary focus for the artist. Building facades take on the identity of printed clothing and models become architectural giants. We are excited to see where this series will end up and encourage you to follow Vico’s journey also. www.jonathanvico.tumblr.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett / amber@thirstforvision.com


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