S/S: Sophie Sekine

"Milch + Mädchen = Rechnung,” [a german word game], is composed of domestic objects and organic materials which consider the concept of social identity and daily ritual or practise through recurring use of such items. Each item translates into a word of a foreign language, consequently arranged by way of telling stories through sculpture, additionally responding to Sophie’s everyday surroundings. By way of absurd composition and dislocation of these objects, one begins to analyse attachment and reliance on these mundane materials and exemplifies the ease in which one becomes familiar or detached with the inanimate.

“The emotional state of isolation, displacement and solitude is contrasted with the humorous and colourful aesthetic of the imagery. The quirky combination of the pieces is picking up on a surrealist practice in which unlikely combinations create tension and their uncanny themes are discomforting and pleasing at the same time.”

The contrast of the sombre and humorous, and the dark and brash pushes forward a recognisable tension that forces an alternative scrutiny of apparent familiarity. The issues explored within the artist’s work bring to light the in-between of the black and the white and the obscurity of issues that arise in relation to our everyday lives. It becomes obvious in the artists interest of practitioners Matthew Barney and Shary Boyle, to name but a few, whom deal with the striking and the unsightly implemented by various mediums in a stylised manner, a goal which Sophie Sekine hopes to achieve later down the line.

The simplicity and attention to detail in colour palette and composition of objects without a doubt is aesthetically pleasing, however the selection of objects is what keeps us captivated. Beneath the polished exterior of each image, one begins to read into the bitten fruit, the hazardous prongs, and the bare scales with an open zip. The images present opportunities of interpretation whether that evokes concepts of ritual, feminism, displacement, fetishism, materialism or identity, impressively achieved through minimal means.

Watch out for Sophie Sekine’s website, coming soon at http://cargocollective.com/sophiesekine

Feature by Amber Scarlett


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