S/S: Chiara Pavan

Meet Chiara Pavan, designer of sustainable eye wear and leather ‘artefacts’ for the body that visualise the alteration of senses and study of ‘ritual of the cure.’ The handmade collection comprises of primary material; leather, saddle stitched by the designer; of woods such as Pear and Ebony, chosen for their ornamental qualities and elegant grain; and silver plated brass. Each piece, made with utmost minimalist precision, touches upon past instruments used in the treatment of mental illness in arms with the evocation of futurist apocalypse in their design.

The initial photographic documentation, of which is shared with us, hits hard with an entirely different dynamic to the conventional fashion shoot, portraying three generations of people. The designer, in collaboration with photographer Nicol Vizioli, envisaged a post- apocalyptic moment of fragility as an elderly man, a young woman and small child emerges shocked and disorientated by their misshapen reality. The artefacts become signature representations of their estranged senses, emphasising their ‘weaknesses’ and enforcing the essence of the ‘ritual and precious.’

Aside from influences of the medical field, architecture plays a significant role in the analysis and translation of shape. Three years of architectural study at Politecnico of Milan, adhered to an eye for mechanisms and the way elements move within a structure to make it work as a whole. Such interest led Chiara to translating the mechanism of a basic window hinge and re-appropriating it within a fashion context [most specifically in Chiara’s piece #00]. Chiara is a designer who ‘connects the dots,’ to reach optimum solutions for her designs through combining an array of subjects.

The stimulus for a design typically originates from the material. Aside from its practicality, its ethical stature is of equal importance, choosing to use vegetable tanned leather that is ‘one of the only recyclable leathers [which] comes from cows…an animal we use for our alimentation,’ and also choosing to avoid furs and skins. Chiara continues to explain, ‘I support every sustainable Brand as I truly believe is the right approach we should have in fashion, in future I will keep on moving towards this direction. No trend is worth the cruelty on an animal, is a matter of pureness of soul.’

Chiara’s promise as a designer has recently led to a collaborative launch with womenswear designer Mariana Jungmann, as part of Scoop International at world renowned Saatchi Gallery. Upholding respectable views on promoting sustainability in the industry, and a motivating moto of ‘Evolution is the key’, we cannot wait to see where this designer’s work will lead her next.


Feature by Amber Scarlett


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