S/S: Katie Eleanor

Through the images of Katie Eleanor, one becomes transported through gothic depths of endless romantic tales. A woman held in our deepest respect, Katie encompasses the qualities of not only photographer but authoress, film maker, painter and set creator. Her work is highly narrative led, portraying poignant characters with Victorian-esque macabre beauty. Such enigmas begin with words, Katie tells us, ‘whether a weeping river, a moth, a sunbeam,’ forming the foundations and allowing ideas to further expand. Words have as much significance in completing visual narratives, pouring naturally during the creative process and embodying the core of Katie’s work.

Katie’s photographic technique takes on a more traditional approach, especially in terms of post production. Such a development in process grew from a personal desire to apply more of her physical self to her work, with body and hands, by way of gaining more freedom and ethereality in her final images. Every tiny detail is pushed is in order to strive towards achieving ‘physical entities of [katie’s] thoughts; a ghost or shadow.’ The artist often finds that using her body to create becomes meditative, without the hindrance of a paintbrush.

‘Saint Wanderer’s Hospital,’ Katie’s latest series in two parts, comes with a more intense depth of bringing the stories of the cast alive through captioned images and a wonderfully whimsical film entwining the latter. ‘Saint Wanderer’ makes a return from a previous solo series, in which she is veiled and unveiled, assisted by magpie and fox, and introduces us to her recovering patients of various ailment. This lady of intrigue, ‘Saint Wanderer’, Katie explains, ‘is a physical manifestation of [Katie’s] need to find romance in the idea of sickness, her birth being triggered by a series of personal events.’ We learn of a ‘Siren undergoing leg reconstruction,’ an orphaned ‘Omphalopagus monster’ and a sufferer of ‘Rapunzel Syndrome’ to name but a few, all treated, endowed in crystals and beautifully haunted by their suffering. Katie continues, ‘[Saint Wanderer] has been incredibly important… this past year, we have spent many nights talking to one another. She has provided me with a therapy I will be forever grateful for. As it stands I am ready to let her go, perhaps we will meet again, for now I am ready to adventure further West.’

We will continue to relish in Katie’s dream world of dainty fingers and toes, winged creatures, and embroidered bodies and watch her excel as a multi-disciplinary wonder. For now, her direction is to simply go ‘further,’ of which we shall be behind her with each bare footed step of the way.

In the mean time, a fluttering towards additional tales and moving pictures is highly recommended: http://www.katieeleanor.com/

Feature by Amber Scarlett


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