Back in February of this year, we discovered MISTY, an escapist experimental film collaboration between Electronic Artist/Producer KRÍA and Icelandic Digital Artist GroáSig. Their individual powers combined, these two women have since created three music videos together of which are bound to go viral in no time. 

Released on the 2nd of November 2015, KRÍA’s current single HIDING is an entrancing auditory piece, and thanks to GroáSig, visually hypnotic. Above all, it is an honouring of the ‘introverted, of not being able to truly be oneself, almost like being possessed by a spirit that takes control.’ The duo directed HIDING together in Mosfellsbær, Iceland, ‘in the swimming pool that KRÍA first learned to swim.’ Our electro siren floats supernaturally through hues of liquid pink, hiding in a brightness that washes out everything but her. There is a confusion of perspectives. It becomes impossible to tell which way is up and which way is down. As KRÍA swims deeper she glitches, she slows and she hovers, until we become dragged under, deeply under with this otherworldly creature.

The fluid style of hyper negative visuals that pulse and slice with pink infusions is a common thread across each music video thus far. By all means, that is not to say you see the same thing thrice. LOWHYPE and ANTIBODY are equally as hypnotic from alternative angles. Whereas LOWHYPE distorts KRÍA with wonderfully weird, blurred and jolted figurative close ups, ANTIBODY is out of this world with digital and bacterial landscapes.  KRÍA and GroáSig makes certain that each video stands out with its own voice, whilst beginning to secure a signature style, an exciting prospect for what could come out at a later date.

Since the release of LOW HYPE, KRÍA’s first EP in August 2015, much attention has been rising from online platforms. KRÍA has been deemed a flourishing "artist [ who is] putting a fresh new spin on the electronic genre" (BitCandy.com) There is no doubt that we’ll be hearing more of KRÍA rather soon. We urge you to get onto her website www.kr1amusic.com/ for music, videos and updates. 

& For more GroáSig visuals: www.groasig.com

Feature by Amber Scarlett


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