Our new found love, MEYKA, is a maker of much, and manipulator of paper cut specialities, for both the body and spatial installation. Each paper piece, is produced by hand rather than laser for a more ‘organic’ work flow. This is quite unbelievable after beholding the consistently intricate detail.

Having journeyed on a path of fashion design, to textiles, MEYKA found herself discovering the sculptural possibilities of paper without the inhibition of pattern cutting with fabric when designing pieces on the onset. The study of surface design revived a lost obsession in fashion design and shone a new light on alternative techniques to be used in creating body pieces and other fashion elements. It drove thorough interest in the textures of natural organisms on top of an existing appreciation of nature.

A strong interest of ours lies in Meyka’s exploration of interactive and immersive retail collections that combine retail with a more theatrical experience, assisted by course led influences in interior design. It began with project; ‘Flight of Imagination;’ an eye opener for the weird and wonderful found in natural habitats. Course led influences in interior design stimulated the introduction of retail spaces within MEYKAs work. The prospect of window displays communicating with the public provided a suitable platform for the combination of fashion, textile and installation. Needing to take place within an immersive space rather than a disconnected image,  MEYKA brought to life the essence of dancing Birds of Paradise and exoskeletons of mantises using complimentary materials descriptive of such natural phenomenona, and allowed the material to create the narrative of the space. Narrative,  always present with MEYKA’s work, such as the ‘Flight of Imaginations’ and ‘Ama’ stem from tales of ‘Japanese Ama pearl divers and Opal Whiteley, a child nature diarist’ whom portray an assortment of views on nature.

In aid of the narrative, the choice of paper and complimentary materials are different with each project, MEYKA explains,
‘If I am using a lot of graphic print in a piece, I love using a sheen effect to get a sharp image and using heavier pulp paper to get an ink bled image which works for ethereal hand painted looks. Again, I tend to mix paper with other non-woven materials and films, as I can use hand-cutting techniques with them. During the sample making period of ‘Flight of Imagination’ I was using a lot of heat colour changing films and iridescent cellophanes and working with them to mimic moth like scales and fur. Paper is also extremely sustainable so it is a great option, especially for short term shop window displays, pieces or for shoots etc.’

There are so many imaginative possibilities that come with MEYKA’s work and make it very difficult to ‘pin down,’ so to speak, making it all the more exciting to experience. Not only does MEYKA take on commissions and collaborations, workshops are soon to be available for all ages. They will engage younger audiences in storytelling through making but also support mature creators in paper manipulation and construction for accessory crafts. Public engagement will also extend to events within museums. MEYKA, who is also a museum past timer, tells us, I find a lot of museums these days are really broadening their scope for workshops and creative events so these are the sort of projects I really want to bring to them. It’s great to see museums reinventing themselves with a lot of late night events all over London, for example.’ In supporting an insurgence of Museum based events, MEYKA will contribute to more eye opening public experiences in a similar way that such galleries in The Natural History Museum inspired MEYKA’s art. 

The future of MEYKA is open-ended. Approached by new ideas for paper cutting, everyday, MEYKA is embracing the world of collaboration and future prospects of larger scale commercial pieces, but in the meantime we look forward to the soon to arrive MEYKA paper cutting workshops. A visit of our own may be in order!

Feature by Amber scarlett



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