LAFORMELA, a design trio originating from Prague, Czech Republic, take a few minutes to talk with us about their ever-evolving aesthetic of mish-mashed feminity and rebellion and prove to us that fearlessness provides the best in art and design of the 21st century.

Tell us about the name LaFormela, where did it come from?

LaFormela comes from Czech words „formelína, / forma“ which means create form or mold a form for human body.

Describe the LaFormela design aesthetic in three words.

Rebellious, spiritual, fearless.

How did things change for you after your designer of the year win at CZECH GRAND DESIGN? We started to take the work even more seriously and concentrate on the element of business. We began thinking of how we could get the product closer to the target customer. It's still a work in progress but the plan is to become more available to our clients alongside an obvious innovation.

Can you tell us some of your direct inspirations for your recent SS16 collection?

We always take into consideration a variety of aspects, probably because we're formed of three designers. We were mostly influenced by a philosophy of existing attractions between different points of view. By joining opposite elements we can create an inseparable unit. Visual art is a part of each collection we make, and we have incorporated it into our SS16 collection by hand painting on its canvas.

There’s a very obvious relationship between rebellion and femininity throughout your collections, where did this come from?

Fashion design is a mirror of each of us. We share an internal aesthetic that comes from each of us through our design. As we have working together we have learnt to synchronize and act as a unit.

So what’s it like working as a three-man team? Do you bring different aspects of design and technique to the table?

We find it's important to respect, communicate and discuss directly with one another. If the team has the same vision and we direct the cooperation together we can create a quality element.

What is your favourite piece from the SS16 collection?

We thought of this look as it tells a story from head to toe, the hand painted waiscoat overlaying a handpainted dress.

What does the future look like for LaFormela? Will you always be Prague-based?

Definitely for the near future, but if the doors to foreign cities were to open to us we won't be against it. Working internationally is important to us as a brand, we don't want to remain within just the Czech fashion scene.

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Interview by Bethany Grace


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